Many documentaries have approached the subject of cancer. Some have been more successful than others, but none have truly been able to create IMPACTFUL CHANGE and move us to action.
We all know the grim statistics and are all too familiar with the sad stories of loss.

This documentary will be different. It will educate, enlighten, and inspire those who are about to jump into the fray, those already fighting, and the ones who have been touched by the deadliest disease of our time.

Our goal is to avoid fear tactics that scare the viewers into action, or manufacture and feed conspiracies that will lead to mistrust. We’ll stay away from forced sentiment as a tool of persuasion as so many documentaries do.
Instead, we’ll look to present the story from a neutral position – laying the groundwork for those newly afflicted by the decease, guiding them to possible solutions. To aid the presentation and progression of facts,
we will turn to a tool used in narrative feature films: we will carry a central character through a story – a tale that will by the end change the protagonist like all SUCCESSFUL stories do.
In turn we, as the viewer, will change with him. It is through the bottom-up rather than-top down perspective that we will achieve an authenticity and CONNECTION with the VIEWER.

The core STRENGTH of our story will not reside within the demonstrations of facts and arguments or strength of narrative, but the power to INSPIRE.
We will not urge on or pry the notion of action, instead through creative treatment of reality we will organically nudge the viewer’s HEART
toward their own journey they are to embark on.